Iggy Pop ascends to greatness: Tom Copi’s best photograph

Iggy Pop ascends to greatness: Tom Copi’s best photographJune 3, 2021

‘Iggy dived off the stage into the crowd, where he was lifted up by fans and stood above them in triumph. Someone handed him a jar of peanut butter and he smeared it on his chest’

Iggy Pop and I went to the same high school in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where I graduated a year ahead of him. I was not particularly into the local rock scene but I did photograph activities on and around the university campus, including a band called the Prime Movers, in which Jim Osterberg played drums. Later, Jim started a band called Iggy and the Iguanas, and thenceforth, he was Iggy.

I photographed Iggy’s new band the Stooges at the university’s Hill Auditorium. One of the pictures from that session in 1968 was later used on the movie poster to promote Jim Jarmusch’s 2016 documentary on the band, Gimme Danger: The Story of the Stooges.

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