From Lady Gaga to Malala: the bizarre Friends reunion guestlist in full

From Lady Gaga to Malala: the bizarre Friends reunion guestlist in fullMay 14, 2021

Alongside the pop star and the activist, David Beckham, James Corden and Justin Bieber will feature in an upcoming HBO special. Could it be any more random?

  • The one where they return: Friends reunion trailer released

Details of the long-awaited Friends reunion have finally been revealed and, well, you should probably prepare for disappointment. It will most definitely not be a new episode of Friends, nor does it contain any new scripted material. What it will include, however, is plenty of scenes where the cast of Friends talk about how nice it was to make Friends. If you ever saw the Inbetweeners reunion – which had the same format and went so badly that one of the stars, James Buckley, felt obliged to apologise for making it – then you will know to keep your expectations low.

As well as being decidedly unoriginal, the whole thing is likely to be a bit weird. The list of guests appearing on the show has also been released and you would be hard pushed to find a more random collection of names. So, here they are, all 18 of them, ranked in reverse order of how much sense they make.

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