Dylan Moran: ‘I’ve offended people, I regret it and I’ll probably do it again’

Dylan Moran: ‘I’ve offended people, I regret it and I’ll probably do it again’May 6, 2021

The comedian’s 2018 show Dr Cosmos addressed mental health, midlife and Brexit – little knowing a crisis lurked around the corner. Now it’s being streamed, might no mention of Covid be a selling point?

Dr Cosmos will see you now – or will he? Dylan Moran is Zooming from his Edinburgh home before his show of that name streams this weekend. “Can I ask you to move an inch the other way?” he asks. I adjust in my seat, but he’s still not happy. “My photo is right on your face and I don’t know how to take it off-screen.” For five minutes he fusses with his camera, obscuring his face, so I find myself interrogating an indistinct patch of grey. “I’m so ignorant of tech,” he grumbles.

This won’t surprise followers of the Irishman’s career, which includes his role as grouchy bookshop owner Bernard in the sitcom Black Books. In his standup, he’s long traded in curmudgeonliness, albeit elevated by philosophical insight and lyricism. The blend was never more potent than in Dr Cosmos, which premiered at Edinburgh three years ago. Like all Moran’s stage work since he won the career-making Perrier award in 1996, it had no theme, give or take Moran’s promise to offer “all the answers” to the problem of life. But it had potency, and big laughs, as a newly teetotal Moran addressed mental health, midlife and Brexit, and considered modernity in light of the simpler world in which he grew up.

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