Danny Huston: ‘I went around the world with my father – making his drinks’

Danny Huston: ‘I went around the world with my father – making his drinks’April 15, 2021

The actor grew up on film sets, rubbing shoulders with the biggest stars on earth. Now he’s stepping into his father John’s shoes again – to direct a film about grief, secrets and the Lockerbie bombing

With his father, the legendary director John Huston, it was that gravelly voice that you noticed first. With his sister, Anjelica Huston, it is her magnificent nose. And with his nephew, actor Jack Huston, it’s the moustache. But with actor-director Danny Huston, it is, unarguably, the eyebrows: those great looping Ls that waggle away as you chat with him, as if they were having their own separate conversation with you. People often talk about his resemblance to his father, but, I tell him, the celebrity he always looked most like to me is Jack Nicholson, thanks to those brows.

“Yes, Jack defined these eyebrows before I was able to grow into mine,” he grins, bearish in size and wolfish in smile. Isn’t it a little weird for his sister Anjelica that her baby brother looks so much like her ex-boyfriend? “Hmmm, I know what you mean. Well, I think that only enabled her to have greater affection towards both of us – ha!”

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