Coronavirus live news: EMA finds possible link between AstraZeneca jab and rare cases of unusual blood clots

Coronavirus live news: EMA finds possible link between AstraZeneca jab and rare cases of unusual blood clotsApril 7, 2021

EMA concludes blood clotting should be listed as ‘very rare’ side effect of AstraZeneca jab; Poland to extend Covid restrictions until 18 April

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Asked by a journalist why a young woman should take the AstraZeneca vaccine given the greater preponderance of cases of blood clots among females in the lower age groups, Dr Sabine Strauss, chair of the EMA’s Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee, said the risk of mortality from Covid-19 remained greater.

She also highlighted the groups that were being prioritised for jabs in a number of countries including those working in health care settings and homes for the elderly where women may make up a larger proportion of the workforce.

The risk seems to be predominantly in younger age groups – 60 years and younger – but it also occurs in the elderly and we have seen that it predominantly affects women, some of that could be explained by the way that the vaccine is being used in the European union in the European economic area.

What we do know is that Covid-19 is a very serious disease. And we know that the benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine have been established.

England’s deputy chief medical officer Professor Jonathan Van-Tam said the changes being proposed to the vaccination rollout were a “course correction”.

He told a press conference:

The UK vaccine programme has been the most enormous success indeed.

If you had said to me that by March 2021 we would not have needed a course correction, that also would have amazed me.

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