Godzilla vs Kong review – duelling monsters make for one hell of a show

Godzilla vs Kong review – duelling monsters make for one hell of a showMarch 30, 2021

The two titans take each other on in a goofy and hugely enjoyable action adventure that delivers the big dumb thrills many of us have been craving

The last two months of rabid meme-spawning ridicule aimed at the absurdity of Godzilla vs Kong’s very existence had prepped us all for a punchline rather than an actual movie, something to poke fun at rather than have fun with. It wasn’t just because of its inherent, Happy Meal tie-in silliness but also an awareness of what had come before, a young Warner Brothers cinematic universe precariously built on shoddy foundations. Gareth Edwards’s 2014 Godzilla might have boasted a couple of visually audacious sequences but it was mostly a rather unacceptably dull and bafflingly serious reboot. It was at least coherent, something that Michael Dougherty’s noisy 2018 sequel Godzilla: King of the Monsters couldn’t even manage, an unwieldy mess of a thing that was embarrassingly outdone by a canny marketing campaign.

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