US Covid response in chaos as controversial Trump pandemic adviser Atlas resigns – live updates

US Covid response in chaos as controversial Trump pandemic adviser Atlas resigns – live updatesDecember 1, 2020

Country sees 28th consecutive day with over 100,000 new coronavirus cases recorded

  • Scott Atlas resigns as pandemic adviser after controversial tenure
  • Congress races to avoid government shutdown amid pandemic
  • Wisconsin and Arizona certify Joe Biden election victories
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In the past hour, the president has shared a number of Tweets by unreliable sources.

One of the false posts accused Nevada governor Steve Sisolak of sharing a fake photo of a hospital, though it is real. The post came from a website called “networkinvegas,” where about half of the site’s posts appear to be generic things such as “best local teen hangouts in Las Vegas” and the other half appear to be crude, hyperbolic rants against Sisolak and Covid-19 restrictions. It is not a real news website.

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A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) panel is set to vote today on who will get first access to the Covid-19 vaccine in the US.

Two drug manufactures, Pfizer and Moderna, have requested emergency clearance from the Food and Drug Administration for the vaccine. Health officials have said the first distribution of vaccines is likely to begin in the next few weeks.

Public health officials and medical experts have said health-care workers should get the vaccine first, followed by vulnerable Americans, including the elderly, people with preexisting conditions and essential workers. ACIP will send its guidance to the CDC. However, it will ultimately be up to states on whether to follow the CDC’s guidelines on vaccine distribution.

I encourage all students of public health to watch tomorrow’s ACIP mtg on priority allocation for COVID-19 vaccines. No registration needed; 2pm-5pm EST. Link on ACIP webpage. Listen not with cynicism, but an appreciation for the process and its difficulty. What would you do?

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