Biden to address nation as Covid deaths rise sharply before Thanksgiving – live updates

Biden to address nation as Covid deaths rise sharply before Thanksgiving – live updatesNovember 25, 2020

Biden will speak in Wilmington as US records highest daily Covid deaths since May and 172,935 new cases

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In the end, the coup did not take place. In the most grudging manner possible, Donald Trump signalled on Monday night that the transition of power could begin.

That, a White House official told reporters, was as close as Trump will probably ever come to concession, but the machinery of transition has gathered momentum. Joe Biden’s incoming administration now has a government internet domain, is being briefed by government agencies and is due to receive federal funding.

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It does increasingly look like Donald Trump will be venturing outside the DC area for the first time since the election today.

President Trump is planning to fly to Gettysburg PA today where a handful of Pennsylvania state Republican lawmakers are meeting about the 2020 election, sources familiar with the planning confirm to @ABC News.   Details still in flux / flying via Marine One to PA w/ @KFaulders

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