Trump under growing pressure to accept election defeat – US politics live

Trump under growing pressure to accept election defeat – US politics liveNovember 11, 2020

  • Biden’s lead over Trump in the popular vote surpasses 5m
  • ‘An embarrassment’: Biden criticizes Trump’s refusal to concede
  • Pompeo promises smooth transition to ‘second Trump administration’
  • Conservative supreme court justices suggest Obamacare will be upheld
  • The misinformation media machine amplifying Trump’s election lies
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Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and senior adviser, celebrated her father’s victory in Alaska, after the AP called the race.

BREAKING: President Trump and Senate Republicans win Alaska, overwhelmingly and by a massive 20 point spread!

Put AK in the books for @realDonaldTrump! Congratulations Senator @DanSullivan_AK!

Thank you Alaska!

The AP has declared Republican incumbent Dan Sullivan to be the winner of Alaska’s Senate race, meaning control of the Senate will officially come down to the two runoff races in Georgia.

WASHINGTON (AP) — US Senate control to be decided by January runoffs in Georgia after Republicans retain Alaska seat.

.@geoffreyvs crunched the numbers, and Republicans have gained vote share in 7 out of 8 past GA runoffs, probably thanks to lower turnout. GOPers won Round 1 50–48 in the Perdue-Ossoff race and 49–48 in the special. #GAsen

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