Coronavirus live news: cases surge in Europe; easing of restrictions in Victoria in doubt

Coronavirus live news: cases surge in Europe; easing of restrictions in Victoria in doubtOctober 25, 2020

France, Italy, Austria and Greece report record increases in Covid-19 cases; Melbourne cluster grows. Follow the latest updates live

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Andrews did announce some changes for regional Victoria, which is already several steps ahead of Melbourne in terms of easing of restrictions.

From 11.59pm on Tuesday:

Daniel Andrews said they had found “linkages” and “chains of transmission” between new cases in the northern suburbs.

He also said hundreds who were under self-isolation orders have now been allowed to leave their home after testing negative.

The system is working, the processes are working, we just have to wait until we get the results. It is no good doing targeted testing if you then don’t wait to see what the results of those tests are. I do hope to make definitive announcements about opening up metropolitan Melbourne in a couple of days’ time. We will keep people updated today, tomorrow, and those test results will come back and hopefully what they will show us is not just some additional cases and there are bound to be a few in that mix, but that those cases are linked, and that we know that there is a chain of transmission and we have our arms around those people and they are not spreading it to anybody else.

If they are random, if they are not linked to each other, if they are mysteries, that will be a real cause for concern. We are hopeful, more than that in fact, we are confident that we have found many linkages. There may be others, there may be other cases that come forward as a result of those tests that are in the labs right now.

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