Coronavirus live news: CDC finds 300,000 excess deaths in US; Spain nears 1m cases

Coronavirus live news: CDC finds 300,000 excess deaths in US; Spain nears 1m casesOctober 21, 2020

Finding means Covid-19 death toll might be “underascertained”, says CDC; Boris Johnson imposes toughest restrictions on Manchester; US congress moves closer to agreement new coronavirus relief package. Follow the latest updates

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  • Spain poised to become first European country with over 1m cases
  • Lombardy curfew aims to curb Covid hospital admissions rise
  • Lockdown conflict between regional and national authorities in Spain
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The doctor Eric Topol has pointed out on Twitter that the US state of North Dakota is one of very few places worldwide where there are more than 800 cases per million people – and that other states, including South Dakota, Wisconson and Idaho are nearing this level of infection, too.

The 4 highest places globally for new confirmed cases per capita (per 100,000 people)

Charlotte Graham McLay writes:

We reported this story last week about American doctors moving to New Zealand during the Covid-19 pandemic – with their in-demand skills making them one of the only groups of people who can obtain visa exemptions to enter the country at the moment.

Medical recruiting firms in both New Zealand and the United States told us the South Pacific nation was in hot demand for US doctors due to New Zealand’s free healthcare, scientific regard given to doctors during the pandemic, better management of the coronavirus, and more progressive politics.

On Wednesday, New Zealand’s immigration agency told us that it wasn’t just American doctors making the move. Since 10 August alone, the agency has approved visa exemptions for 80 Indian health workers to come to New Zealand, 74 Britons, 41 Filipinos, and 36 from the US.

They’ve also approved visa exemptions for 24 South Africans, 11 medical workers from Ireland and Australia, 9 from Canada, and a handful from each of 20 other countries from Belgium to Zambia. And that’s just since 10 August — the agency did not provide earlier figures.

New Zealand has seen, so far, one of the lowest Covid-19 death tolls in the world after a strict, early lockdown. Normal life here has largely resumed, except for strict border controls that bar anyone except New Zealanders and their families from entering the country.

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