The Noughties: TV that proves nostalgia ain’t what it used to be

The Noughties: TV that proves nostalgia ain’t what it used to be

October 18, 2020

Already somehow forgotten about Big Brother and the Millennium Dome? Well here’s a not very good panel show to remind you

Somewhere in the suburbs, the hours between night and morning. The dark falls cold and unmoving. The air is crisp and quiet. The cars rest nestled in garages. But what’s that? A light goes on in a top window. There’s a muffled sound of screaming. Stuart Maconie has woken up in a cold sweat. “REMEMBERING!” he yells. “THE BBC ARE REMEMBERING THINGS WITHOUT ME!”

Remember the Millennium Dome, being afraid of your computer, and Dane Bowers? Well then, do I have the – and I can’t believe I’m saying this – 10-part series for you. In The Noughties (Wednesday, 10pm, BBC Two) Angela Scanlon sits socially distanced in a hotel room while a succession of comedians tell her about a year they can remember from the 00s. We start in 2000, with Geoff Norcott and Ellie Taylor. Subsequent years and subsequent Mash Report cast members will follow, and by the end we will have, collectively, remembered the entire gamut of the decade that changed the world for ever, from Big Brother right the way up to Big Brother 10.

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