Black Love in the Wake of Covid

Black Love in the Wake of CovidOctober 17, 2020

This week’s episode of the ‘Dear Culture Podcast’ Khadeen and Devale Ellis share their experiences on what love and life has been like for them.

From Brandy’s new album B7 to Cardi B and Megan thee Stallion’s release of WAP making waves in Femme Empowerment, the tunes of sex, romance, and reclaim are in the air. With Black culture coming out with back-to-back creativity, many of us quarantining with loved ones almost have nothing to do but to cuddle up and share opinions with our partners. In a time of being hyper aware of the spread of bacteria, the Dear Culture Podcast takes a pivot to how partners are navigating the situation. Whether together in the same house or apart, hosts Mariel Turner and Gerren Keith Gaynor take a moment to ask lovebirds, Khadeen and Devale Ellis from the Deadass Podcast, the interesting question: “Dear Culture, has the pandemic brought Bae and I closer, or driven us further apart?”

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Representing millennial #BlackLove on Youtube and Instagram, Khadeen and Devale Ellis recently celebrated their ten year marriage anniversary during Covid19. Having to postpone their vow renewal in Jamaica due to the pandemic, and quarantine from each other due to travel, the couple faced some trials together.

“The day of our anniversary, that morning I had a Covid test done days prior and was waiting for my results.” says Khadeen. 

Waiting for her test results, Khadeen and Devale couldn’t embrace each other the morning of their anniversary. As melodramatic as it sounds, putting health first in any and all relationships is important during these times. And when Khadeen’s test result came out negative, the kisses and hugs came through for the ceremony with guest Jamie Foxx serenading the Ellis family.

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“We get on each other’s nerves every day. Even when it’s not a pandemic.” says Devale Ellis to Mariel Turner and Gerren Keith Gaynor. 

Sometimes, love is an art of war. Even prior to the pandemic, Black couples have had to encounter and face a variety of issues: ranging from the gendered difference of whose Black life is changed at #BlackLivesMatter rallies to the socio economic politics of hair, money, and so forth. In the states, Black love has always stirred ships to love in beauty in the wake of challenge and bondage. What Khadeen and Devale impart is the tradition of understanding and remixing amidst whatever the fray may throw love’s way. And when moments of bickering occur, it’s remembering your partner and the goal of love that guides many back to the shores of peace.

“It’s okay in a relationship to not like the person in that moment.” Adds Devale Ellis. 

Regardless of wake the of Covid, love is a beautiful challenge in itself. When it comes to partners, the pandemic for sure has brought to light for many people who they’re partners are. It’s a personal decision to choose to stay, leave, work together, and so forth. But what’ll remain true, is that Black love is boundless and always bounces back.

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