Trump unlikely to travel for rally while Pelosi says medication has him ‘in an altered state’ – live

Trump unlikely to travel for rally while Pelosi says medication has him ‘in an altered state’ – live

October 9, 2020

  • White House to propose $1.8tn relief package to House Democrats
  • Pelosi suggests Covid drugs ‘could have an impact on judgment’
  • House speaker unveils Commission on Presidential Capacity
  • How does Trump’s Covid care compare to the average 74-year-old’s?
  • Debate schedule in disarray after Trump refuses virtual event
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The White House is proposing a $1.8 trillion coronavirus relief package in negotiations with House speaker Nancy Pelosi, its largest offer yet that is seemingly an attempt to close the gap between Democrats’ desired $2.2 trillion trillion package and the Republicans $1 trillion proposal.

Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin is expecting to discuss the deal with Pelosi today, according to the Wall Street Journal.

SCOOP: Senate GOP sources tell me and @LJMoynihan latest stimulus proposal being floated by @larry_kudlow @stevenmnuchin1 @realDonaldTrump @SpeakerPelosi still faces stiff resistance in GOP senate and as of now @senatemajldr does not have the votes for a $1.8 trillion package

Donald Trump said he was in “not great shape” after he was diagnosed with COVID-19, the president said in a rambling appearance on Rush Limbaugh’s conservative radio show.

In the fawning interview, which is still going, Trump said he was “cured” by an antibody cocktail, an experimental therapeutic for treating patients with Covid-19 that is still undergoing testing and is not FDA approved.

“I recovered immediately, almost immediately,” he said, adding that he is no longer taking anything. “I’m not taking anything. I’m off any regimen that they gave me.”

Last night, Trump would not tell Sean Hannity, a friendly Fox News presenter, when he last tested negative for coronavirus. Limbaugh never followed up on Trump’s claim to be fully cured.

Speaking about his raspy voice and throat-clearing, Trump said: “There’s always that little lingering thing for a couple of days. It’s called a lingering thing.”
Earlier, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who Trump called a “nut job,” introduced legislation that would create a commission to allow Congress to intervene under the 25th Amendment and remove the president from office.
Trump said he believed Democrats were rushing to pass this legislation in case Joe Biden wins the election, so they could remove him and install his running mate, Kamala Harris.

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