Trump aide Stephen Miller tests positive for Covid-19 – live

Trump aide Stephen Miller tests positive for Covid-19 – liveOctober 7, 2020

  • More than 18 in the president’s orbit have tested positive for the virus
  • President tells negotiators to stop talks on Covid relief measures
  • What we know and what we don’t about Trump’s health
  • Contagious Trump removes mask for photos on hospital return
  • At least 39,000 new cases and 460 new Covid deaths reported in US
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Joe Biden said if Trump remains covid-positive by the next presidential debate, they should cancel the event.

“I’m not sure what President Trump is all about now. I don’t know what his status is. I’m looking forward to being able to debate him, but I just hope all the protocols are followed,” Biden said, speaking to journalists Hagerstown, Maryland.

Mike Pence, who is scheduled to debate Kamala Harris tomorrow, “does not need to quarantine” per White House physician Jesse Schonau.

The CDC recommend that people who have been exposed with anyone who has the virus quarantine for at least two weeks regardless of whether they test negative. Contradicting that recommendation, Schonau said in a memo that Pence is “encouraged to go about his normal activities.”

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