Coronavirus live news: Trump aide Stephen Miller tests positive as White House outbreak spreads

Coronavirus live news: Trump aide Stephen Miller tests positive as White House outbreak spreadsOctober 7, 2020

Biden says debate shouldn’t go ahead if Trump still positive; US military chiefs in quarantine; Facebook and Twitter take action against Trump for suggesting that Covid-19 was just like the flu. Follow the latest updates

  • Top Trump aide Stephen Miller tests positive for coronavirus
  • Europe must go beyond science to survive Covid crisis, says WHO
  • Irish government rejects return to full coronavirus lockdown
  • US: Rudy Giuliani coughs his way through anti-mask interview
  • Trump coronavirus updates – live

The New York Times has shared the details of what White House staffers have been told when it comes to interacting with the president.

It would naturally be interesting to know what PPE, if any, the president himself is required to wear to stop him infecting others.

In a memo titled “Precautions and POTUS Interactions” sent around the White House this week, staff members were warned about what to do when interacting with the president, including acquiring personal protective equipment from an “Isolation Cart.”

Staff members are only to go to the Oval Office or the residence on the second floor, where the first family lives, if they’re requested to go and expected to be there. If staff members are not in close contact with the president, meaning they’re more than six feet away from him, only a ‘surgical mask’ and hand sanitizer are required, according to the memo from the White House Management Office, which was reviewed by a Times reporter.

Here is New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Rachel Maddow earlier on Tuesday evening in the US speaking about the impact of Trump’s decision to stop talks on the latest Covid economic relief measures until after the election:

“I don’t think that we should be making any large political decisions when the president is in such a perilous medical state. He is still receiving interventions and treatments and we’re in the middle of talking about and making dramatic decisions about…COVID stimulus.” – @AOC

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