Mitch McConnell pledges Senate will vote on Ginsburg’s supreme court replacement – live

Mitch McConnell pledges Senate will vote on Ginsburg’s supreme court replacement – live

September 19, 2020

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg, supreme court justice, dies aged 87
  • Ginsburg changed America long before she joined the supreme court
  • Q&A: what does Ginsburg’s death mean for the supreme court?
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Will Senate Republicans try to confirm a conservative supreme court justice immediately? Or will they wait until after the election, but before the inauguration, and try to push through a conservative just then?

Here’s what we know about what options Republicans are considering tonight:

An ally of Trump texts me:

“He is such a lucky mother****er.”

Former prominent Republican leader texts:

If they manage to confirm someone before Nov 3, I honestly believe it will have the opposite affect on the election. I think it motivates the liberal and anti-Trump Rs even more.

Trump already has all the single-issue/judges voters.

The other issue Republicans are thinking about tonight: if they do jam through a nominee and Biden + Senate Democrats take control in January, what is the retribution?

Would they immediately end the filibuster and try to pack the court in some way?

From my notebook/calls over the past hour: there are discussions within the Senate GOP about voting *before* the election, making the argument that 9 justices are needed in case of an election crisis. But Rs who want that aren’t sure if Collins/Murkowski would fight it.

‘A person who dies on Rosh Hashanah is a person of great righteousness’

According to Jewish tradition, a person who dies on Rosh Hashanah, which began tonight, is a tzaddik, a person of great righteousness. Baruch Dayan HaEmet.

On @maddow: @NinaTotenberg, who says she visited #RBG today.

She brought some food to the justice.

“If she could have lasted longer, she would have lasted longer.”

Now singing #RIPRBG

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