Kenosha: teen arrested over killings at Jacob Blake protests – live

Kenosha: teen arrested over killings at Jacob Blake protests – liveAugust 26, 2020

  • 500 more members of national guard to be sent to Kenosha
  • Two dead in Kenosha on third night of unrest after Jacob Blake shooting
  • Key takeaways from RNC night two: culture wars and a pitch to women
  • US recorded 1,212 coronavirus deaths and 38,712 new cases
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The Los Angeles Lakers are scheduled to play tonight as well, but if this tweet from LeBron James is any indication, there may be more NBA boycotts before the day is over.


The issue of police brutality is personal for the Milwaukee Bucks, one of whom previously sued the city of Milwaukee after he was tased and arrested over a parking violation.

The Bucks’ Sterling Brown described his experience in an essay published in July:

One of the officers had a knee on my neck. Another stood on my ankle. The cop who tased me had initially pulled his gun.

The whole time I was on the ground, I was just wondering how we had gotten to that point. All I was focused on was getting back to my family and my job. I thought about fighting back, but it was just an unnecessary attempt for them to show power. I could have gotten them off of me, but it was six guns to none. I had no protection and they had the protection of the badge.

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