Juno Temple: ‘Real eroticism is about how somebody’s sweat tastes’

Juno Temple: ‘Real eroticism is about how somebody’s sweat tastes’

August 3, 2020

Temple and Hugh Skinner play ill-matched newlyweds in an adaptation of Anais Nin’s erotic classic Little Birds. They discuss restrictive underwear, sexual liberation and the worst thing about sex scenes

In Little Birds, Sky Atlantic’s sultry new Anaïs Nin-inspired drama series, Juno Temple and Hugh Skinner play Lucy Savage and Hugo Cavendish-Smyth, newlyweds who met in the cultural maelstrom of 1950s Tangier. Wedded bliss, and even the marriage’s consummation, will have to wait, however, because Lucy is a naively virginal American debutante and Hugo is a closeted English lord involved in a dangerous romantic entanglement with an Anglo-Egyptian man. Both of them, in other words, are the repressed products of a confused time.

The actors, by contrast, get along swimmingly. When we connect over Zoom to discuss the show, Temple and Skinner chime in on each others’ anecdotes and enjoy making each other laugh. Did they try to go method by avoiding contact with each other? “Are you kidding?” cackles Temple. “No, we hung out the entire time!” confirms Skinner merrily.

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