Our film critic’s first drive-in: ‘I quietly squeak with excitement’

Our film critic’s first drive-in: ‘I quietly squeak with excitement’

July 10, 2020

After months of struggling to watch films on my computer, I went to see a brilliant Pixar classic at a pop-up event. It convinced me that we should make drive-ins the new frontier for movies

Finally. Finally! After four months of being starved of the big-screen experience, four months of sitting at my desk watching films on my MacBook, four months of enduring a cowed miniaturisation of the cinema experience, four months of spilling mugs of tea over the keyboard and grumpily reloading the web link only to find the wifi has gone down and I’ve got the spinning wheel of death … I have the chance to see a film at the proper scale – at one of the new drive-in movie events that are popping up all over the country. And your car provides a natural bubble for social distancing.

This one, held by the Drive In Film Club, was at Alexandra Palace in London, in the car park next to the ice rink, which usually hosts a slightly low-morale funfair in summer. I went on to the website and booked a ticket for the Pixar classic The Incredibles.

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