Trump’s incendiary Mount Rushmore speech criticized for ‘peddling fiction’ – live

Trump’s incendiary Mount Rushmore speech criticized for ‘peddling fiction’ – live

July 4, 2020

  • President says US under assault from ‘far-left fascism’ in speech
  • US coronavirus deaths near 130,000
  • Supreme court gives conservatives blues – what’s really going on?
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Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic candidate for November’s presidential election, has written an op-ed for NBC to commemorate the Fourth of July in which he warns that Donald Trump is eroding the freedoms that America has built up during its history.

“Title IX. The Indian Self-Determination Act. The Americans with Disabilities Act. Marriage equality. DACA. Black Lives Matter. Brick by brick — and, all too often, against long odds and violent opposition — the American people have labored to expand the scope, strength and meaning of American democracy,” writes the former vice president.

Donald Trump continued his history of using songs from musicians who are not exactly aligned with his brand during his speech on Friday night. During the rally at Mt Rushmore, Neil Young’s Like a Hurricane and Rockin’ in the Free World were played before the President made his appearance. Shortly afterwards, the official Neil Young Archives account tweeted a message of defiance reading: “I stand in solidarity with the Lakota Sioux & this is NOT ok with me”.

This is NOT ok with me…

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