Martin and Gary Kemp: ‘Most brothers in music seem to hate each other’

Martin and Gary Kemp: ‘Most brothers in music seem to hate each other’

July 2, 2020

From their time in Spandau Ballet to acting in The Krays, the Kemp brothers have remained supernaturally close. With a new mockumentary about their lives, they talk about childhood poverty, meeting Ronnie Kray and surviving fame

I’m trying to think of a more surreal experience than interviewing the Kemp brothers by Zoom – maybe seeing them together in real life?

Gary only asked Martin to be in Spandau Ballet because his younger brother (Gary is 60; Martin is 58) was the most handsome person he knew, and it remains the case that Martin looks the more polished and defined, like a CGI’d Gary. They sound the same, yet, even without looking, you can always tell who is talking. There is something practised yet intimate about their fraternal dynamic; always at pains not to exclude the outsider, they bring you in by constantly ribbing each other. “Martin, I’m sorry, you’ve come on, but I’m talking about my new album, so we haven’t got time to say hello,” Gary opens, but I suspect them throughout of communicating with one another telepathically.

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