Ellis Out, Somerhalder In!


The web series Lucifer has been a show that many have loved for 4 seasons.It was created by DC comic writer Neil Gaiman. However, it has been said Tom Ellis, who plays the devil, Lucifer, will be soon replaced by Ian Somerhalder. This may just be speculation as when a creator of the show took to Twitter about this. He had a long laugh in the tweet, which clearly shows that Ellis leaving the show may not be true.

Lucifer, a show about a cast out angel, has attracted constant viewers and has received many positive ratings. Many tout this as the best urban fantasy available to watch on Netflix.

Ian Somerhalder currently plays a vampire on VWars. Prior to this, he also played the main vampire in Vampire Diaries. Perhaps the reason that many speculate Ian to play Lucifer is because he has a good deal of experience in playing characters like this.

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