Mike Krzyzewski Records A Black Lives Matter video


In passionate message in his video posted in twitter, Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said:” It’s time” for America to fix systematic racism.

Krzyzewski delivered a long video on the team’s official Twitter account in support of Black Lives Matters movement. His video has invoked thousand of interaction among his fans and become trending on Twitter.  He started the video insisting on supporting African Americans recognizing this movement as human right matter not political, saying: “It’s not political” matter ” It’s a human rights statement. It’s a fairness statement.”

Check out Krzyzewski’s full video:

Krzyzewski’s full video transcript:

“Black Lives Matter. Say it. Can’t you say it? Black Lives Matter. We should be saying it every day. It’s not political. This is not a political statement. It’s a human rights statement. It’s a fairness statement. Over the last couple months, I have had an opportunity to see more, to listen more, to think more and to understand at a deeper level. So have you, so have you. 

“Do we not see the problem, the disease, the plague that has been with our country for four centuries? Do we not see systemic racism and social injustice? Come on. We all see that. It’s manifested in so many ways: criminal justice, the killings that we have seen and we haven’t seen, the denial of economic opportunities for our Black community, educational opportunities, healthcare. It’s manifested in so many ways and has been there for four centuries.

“We see that. And what we do when we see that, we talk but we turn the other way. We don’t solve the problem. The problem will not be solved, and no problem is solved, unless you acknowledge the problem. Acknowledge it. If you acknowledge it, you have the duty to solve it. We as a country have the duty to solve this problem.

“When I was a cadet at West Point — and the prayer is still there, there is a cadet prayer — in the cadet prayer one of the segments of the prayer says, Lord help me choose the harder right. Help me choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong. We as a country have chosen the easier wrong for four centuries. It is time to choose the harder right. It is time to end systemic racism and social injustice. It’s time. Black Lives Matter.”

Mike Krzyzewski had previously expressed a statement expressing his anger in the wake of killing George Floyd was by a Minneapolis police officer who knee-stepped on his neck for nearly eight minutes.

Michael Krzyzewski ,or known as Coach K, is a college basketball coach. Since 1980, he is one of the respected figure in college basketball history.

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