Huey The Rapper Is Shot Dead


Huey Rapper is best known for debut Pop single “Lock & Drop It” in 2006. The Police says that , Huey was pronounced dead shortly after arriving to a local hospital on Thursday night after suffering “at least one apparent gunshot wound.” according  to Sergeant Benjamin Granda‘s press release.

A second unidentified person has been injured while the shooting of Huey, the man is currently hospitalized at a Kinloch hospital with non-life-threatening injurie, the police confirmed.

huey rapper  is killed

According to police, the incident took place in a front yard of a home in Kinloch, Mo. the incident is now under “homicide investigation”.The police is encouraging anyone who witnesses the shooting to contact investigators as detectives believe that a several people were near the crime scene at the time, a press release reported. 

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