Nikki Reed in Perfect Relationship With Her Husband


Nikki Reed, who plays Rachel on VWars, has the perfect relationship with her husband, actor Ian Somerhalder. From beginning to date in 2014, the pair quickly engaged just after 6 months of dating. In April 2015, the pair said I Do in front of close family and friends. And within 2 years Reed was pregnant.

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder

Even after 5 years of being married, the couple still have the perfect relationship! Part of the reason is because they both have a love for animals and the environment. Not only does the couple have cats and dogs, but they also own horses too.

Add in the fact that they both love to be outdoors and go camping a lot in their airstream, this perfect pair does not stop there. When the couple found out they were expecting, Nikki did not tell anyone for a long time. While she regretted not being able to do many of the things that expectant mothers do, she said it was awesome that she shared a secret with Ian. After their daughter was born, they took a whole month to themselves. Phones were shut off and they disconnected with others just to focus on their time as a family.

Maybe part of the reason that their relationship is so successful is how much Ian gushes over Nikki. He is amazed that she can be a mom, do conference calls, show up on the set and give an astonishing performance, and then call it a day. But seriously, when you have a husband that goes on and on about you, the relationship stands to be perfect!

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