From Bowie to Beyoncé: Glastonbury’s 50 greatest moments

From Bowie to Beyoncé: Glastonbury’s 50 greatest moments

June 26, 2020

Although Covid-19 scuppered Glastonbury’s 50th anniversary, organisers Michael and Emily Eavis discuss the moments that made it the world’s greatest festival – from the healing fields to Stormzy

Glastonbury festival’s first ever booking came from Michael Eavis serenading his cows with the Kinks. “I was playing Lola to them through a sound system in the milking parlour,” he says. “I’d been to Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music at Shepton Mallet showground, wandering in on the Sunday because there was no fence left by then. I was totally inspired. Jean and I had just fallen in love and we were all loved up, among all those bands and millions of people … I’d never seen a hippy in my life before – the boys and girls all looked the same! From that, I was determined to do an event of my own. I had a better site, facing Glastonbury Tor in the vale of Avalon – it was all a bit romantic.

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