Jessie Ware webchat: follow it live

Jessie Ware webchat: follow it liveJune 22, 2020

The soulful singer and Table Manners host is here now to answer your questions

hannahjordandavies asks

What’s been your favourite episode of Table Manners so far? And what other podcasts do you listen to?

I’m excited for the people we’ve got this week, boy oh boy. I really enjoyed meeting Stacey Dooley for the first time. I loved speaking to Russell Tovey. The most hysterical one was probably Alan Carr. He was so hysterical, I want to have him regularly come back.

parsnipsoup asks

Kelis once did an album called Food, with songs named after tasty treats – like Jerk Ribs, and Biscuits n’ Gravy (I wish she’d slipped some recipes in with the sleeve notes). Do you foresee a future project that could combine your musical and foodie expertise?

I quite like to keep them separate. But never say never. I wrote the cookbook this year and I’m hopefully going to write another book at the end of the year – about food memory, nostalgia – and I think that writing and food is something that I can see being a way for me. Songwriting and food? I don’t know. Kelis did it well. I don’t know if I’d be able to do it well.

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